Poems to soothe the soul




Save the hope for when you have time
Or lose the rest who wait in line
For once the fool has fooled you twice
You’ll be better off without his lies

Yet again don’t change your mind
As suits you with the changing tide
For it’s not less often that we find
That the dealer wins when he takes his time.



You’ll never know until you see it
And even then you’ll wonder why
But once you’ve seen all his lies
No one can change your mind


She buried all her secrets inside
Thinking it was for the best
Until one day she dug too many
And one by one,they choked her chest


Her life was a jumble of nightmares
And no piece would ever fit in right
So she started fleeing from all the shadows
But darkness is not just the lack of light


Oh rain,go
Go there
Go there with hope
Go there with freedom
Go there with peace
Go there with love and care

Go to the place I can’t and remind him of me
Go with my soul and return with what I need
Go and quench my thirst
Go drown him head-first
Go now before it’s too late
We always ruin our own fate

I love you but he needs you now
And I know you’ll come back later on
So go tonight and thunder his skies
Go tonight and make him mine
Go with love and come with desire
Come with hope to douse this fire

Let me be his dreams for tonight
Let me shower his cloudy life
I am a raindrop,he’s my storm
But I know he’ll never let me drown
Come back alright,but with him in tow
And tell that hurricane I need him now.


And it starts with a monosyllabic word
In the huskiest voice I’ve ever heard
“Babe”,he says with a guttural groan
As I try my best to strangle my moan

I imagine him naked under his sheets
And my heart tries not to stop its beat
It’s in the air,I keep telling myself
Even when my body feels cold as hell

What is this dark magic he weaves?
It keeps making me weak in the knees
I tried so hard to not let my heart fall
But he laughs and it doesn’t matter at all

If I were autumn,he’d be my spring
If I were an angel,he’d be my wings
I tried so hard to learn how to let go
But every second I just fall a little more


An unkindness of ravens soaring through the skies
Oh will they stop for the traveller walking alone
The sun had gone, but the moon was enough light
It lit the path of the traveller,walking on his own

An unkindness of ravens making up for lost time
They struck the roadside artist as a call from above
His art though beautiful,he had a lot on the line
And they reminded him why painting was his love

An unkindness of ravens,how rare a sight
Circling the skies, they reminded the dancer of her ballet
Lately her legs were too weak and her dress too tight
She told her tummy she’s teach her daughter one day

An unkindness of ravens, they knew what to do
When the woman with the bleeding scars cried out
A little flutter of their wings and up they flew
Teaching her it was okay to scream and shout

An unkindness of ravens watching over every life
They let the army man sleep peacefully for now
For in his nightmares,his scars came alive
He couldn’t forget but soon they’d teach him how

An unkindness of ravens flying through the night
Soothed the orphan who “didn’t ask to be born”
Just like stars destroying the dark with their light
He will find shelter in good arms by the morn

An unkindness of ravens just being there for us
For the lonely lover and the broken, for me and you
They’re always there in the sky, you just have to trust
They bid farewell for now,and away they flew


Okay,whatever you do,do not look into his eyes
’twas a feeble caution to my rebellious heart
A glorious ping in my email and I click on the picture
Now I would look away, back then I wasn’t so smart

The chiselled face of a Greek god whose name escapes me
But if I were given a chance I’d name him the God of Lust
So much I’d do if he were this side of the hundred miles
Do I drool over the muscles or the broad chest first?

Images of him whispering my name post-coitus
And it was enough to send me into overdrive
Every inch of him spoke directly to my soul
My helpless heart desperate to make him mine

I wanted to mark him in the only way I knew how to
I wanted his manhood enveloped by my core
So tight for him that he cries out my name in wonder
As I’d ride him up and down till he pleaded for more

Such was the level of my reaction merely to his photo
Such was the state a mere glimpse of him left me in
I wanted to tear every piece of fabric holding him
His crooked smile enough to mock me into sin

Oh how the devil could he resemble an angel so much?
His jaw enough to make my atheist heart pray
How can I fall so hard having not even met him
I should’ve stopped when they told me to stay away


It’s funny how I flash back to that December night
Each time you break a part of me that I can’t repair
I keep trying to make it worth the fight
But I hear in love and war, there’s nothing unfair

So much so for all the over thinking that we do
We couldn’t even see the first signs of heartache
I was a pitch empty black and you shone in every hue
So I tried to fill the gaps before it was too late

But is it my fault I fell? And chose not to drag you down
I’m tired of being hated like I’ve done something wrong
This is not your circus and I’m not your stupid clown
All you are is an empty chorus to my song

And I lust for you even when we’re having a fight
I ache to see your muscles ripple as I make you angry
When I leave, I wish you held me with all your might
I try to tell you this, but all I’m able to muster is an apology.

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