An unkindness of ravens soaring through the skies
Oh will they stop for the traveller walking alone
The sun had gone, but the moon was enough light
It lit the path of the traveller,walking on his own

An unkindness of ravens making up for lost time
They struck the roadside artist as a call from above
His art though beautiful,he had a lot on the line
And they reminded him why painting was his love

An unkindness of ravens,how rare a sight
Circling the skies, they reminded the dancer of her ballet
Lately her legs were too weak and her dress too tight
She told her tummy she’s teach her daughter one day

An unkindness of ravens, they knew what to do
When the woman with the bleeding scars cried out
A little flutter of their wings and up they flew
Teaching her it was okay to scream and shout

An unkindness of ravens watching over every life
They let the army man sleep peacefully for now
For in his nightmares,his scars came alive
He couldn’t forget but soon they’d teach him how

An unkindness of ravens flying through the night
Soothed the orphan who “didn’t ask to be born”
Just like stars destroying the dark with their light
He will find shelter in good arms by the morn

An unkindness of ravens just being there for us
For the lonely lover and the broken, for me and you
They’re always there in the sky, you just have to trust
They bid farewell for now,and away they flew