Okay,whatever you do,do not look into his eyes
’twas a feeble caution to my rebellious heart
A glorious ping in my email and I click on the picture
Now I would look away, back then I wasn’t so smart

The chiselled face of a Greek god whose name escapes me
But if I were given a chance I’d name him the God of Lust
So much I’d do if he were this side of the hundred miles
Do I drool over the muscles or the broad chest first?

Images of him whispering my name post-coitus
And it was enough to send me into overdrive
Every inch of him spoke directly to my soul
My helpless heart desperate to make him mine

I wanted to mark him in the only way I knew how to
I wanted his manhood enveloped by my core
So tight for him that he cries out my name in wonder
As I’d ride him up and down till he pleaded for more

Such was the level of my reaction merely to his photo
Such was the state a mere glimpse of him left me in
I wanted to tear every piece of fabric holding him
His crooked smile enough to mock me into sin

Oh how the devil could he resemble an angel so much?
His jaw enough to make my atheist heart pray
How can I fall so hard having not even met him
I should’ve stopped when they told me to stay away