It’s funny how I flash back to that December night
Each time you break a part of me that I can’t repair
I keep trying to make it worth the fight
But I hear in love and war, there’s nothing unfair

So much so for all the over thinking that we do
We couldn’t even see the first signs of heartache
I was a pitch empty black and you shone in every hue
So I tried to fill the gaps before it was too late

But is it my fault I fell? And chose not to drag you down
I’m tired of being hated like I’ve done something wrong
This is not your circus and I’m not your stupid clown
All you are is an empty chorus to my song

And I lust for you even when we’re having a fight
I ache to see your muscles ripple as I make you angry
When I leave, I wish you held me with all your might
I try to tell you this, but all I’m able to muster is an apology.