Poems to soothe the soul


October 2015


Do you know what sparks mean?
Do you know if they happen?
If they happen to the same person twice?
If they happen to the person you love?

Did you ever pause to think?
What having these sparks could mean?
If it could change your life for worse?
Or make everything else better

It’s that electricity you feel
When you touch him or he holds you
That lightning bolt of joy
When your fingers inter twine

It’s that magic of hope
That you have him safe now
And that you’ll keep her alright
Maybe not forever, just for tonight

But you’ll worry again next morning
Because she’s a broken heart
You wonder if he’ll let go
If you can be his brand new start

You think she lies
You think he spies
You smile, she cries
You smile, he cries

Do you know if you can brave it?
Brave the sparks to see the light?
Or if today’s morning
Will be another empty night?

Do you dare to believe in something
Which others might call chance?
In a miracle as old as God Himself
And a pain as dark as the night

It’s that merry ring of wind chimes
When autumn breeze tickles it
That streak of sunlight
Which reveals all the dirt inside

It’s that messenger of love
Which tells you she’s the one
That fairy godmother
That earns for you, his trust

But if you tried and lost the fight?
Fell down riding and lost your sight?
Took the leap but can’t come back
Aching to believe it will be alright

You think she spies
You think he lies
You laugh, she cries
You laugh, he cries

Do you know what sparks could do?
If you try to control them on your own?
If you take it into your own two hands
In a search for what lies beyond

Do you know what sparks can be?
A glimmer of hope at the end of the day
When you can be rest assured
That you’ve found the one at last

It’s that merry rain in summer
That surprises you to say the least
It’s that answer to every question
You found yourself incapable to believe

It’s that peaceful silence in the night
When crickets sing their lullaby
You reach out for his hand
And you can feel it as you sigh

But you’ll never try to accept it
You treat him like a stranger
And you treat her like a dream
Until one day she becomes one

And yet, you don’t change
You think forever is a lie
Until the time comes
And you have to say goodbye

You think she hides
You think he hides
You leave, she dies
You leave, he dies.



The blue P on her cheek
Stood bold for peace
Crinkled when she smiled
And shone with ease

Some called her naïve
Some said she’s free
But none were known
To solve her mystery

The mystery of the girl
Who had a blue P on her cheek
Which sunburn turned into red
And tears turned into blood

A girl with an obsession
For conquering fears
So she went day and night
After all the things that scared her

Till one day she found the one
That she couldn’t find strength to battle
And so the world had lost a girl
Whose misery proved fatal

She did find a storm
And rode till its end
She did find a sea
And made its waves bend

But she was inadequate
For the one lie of all
The girl with the blue P
Took the last fall

And if you ask me again
Why did I let her go?
I’ll ask you to listen
To the brimming shore

Like the tide that leaves
And the rain that dries
She left us without a goodbye
On a summer night

No blue P anymore
We were left to envisage
What fears beckoned her to leave
When others stood unafraid

So many questions
And so little we knew
So we tracked down her number
And any other clue

Till we came to an old house
With its roof half bent
And we found her in it
With her life all spent

A single slit on her wrist
A throbbing vein that bled
With mosquitoes covering her beauty
We all knew where this led

A photo in her other hand
Of a man she’d never leave
We found her at last in hell
The girl with the blue P


She shudders as she remembers
The aches of the disguise she puts on
Not wanting to let the world in
A fading lyric of a favourite song

She spoke not of dolls and dresses
You couldn’t convince her otherwise
A stolen dream was all she was
Of all the men she’d come to despise

She never knew men could hurt her
Her mama never warned her good
So when she went and got beaten up
Rooted to the spot, she stood

She could never erase the memory
Of a bruised lip that came from a punch
She could still feel the shame
He caused her as he choked her lungs

She once dreamed of princes
A beast made her his slave
And that’s where she learnt that love
Was something that taught you to behave

She did not lust for pleasure
Yet the world painted her a hedonist
But what of her broken limbs
Screamed the scalding slits on her wrist

She prayed as she tried to let go
But God never stopped the rain
Instead He made her realise
That his pleasure was worth her pain

She cried as he used his legs
Across her feeble excuse for a rib cage
‘Cause she thought if this was love
It was an easy price to pay

She wore the dress he liked
Let him touch her everywhere
He taught her how to make love
And taught her how to swear

She spoke of it to no one
For she knew she deserved it all
And one fine December morning
Her mama got a call

She had pleaded with her teachers
Not to bring up her attempt to die
Her headmistress called her a loon
Said a mental asylum was where she’d be fine

She couldn’t tell all of them
How he had left all his scars
For she knew not what would happen
If she let them out of her heart

She hated herself for being weak
And hated him for being so strong
But her misplaced hope for freedom
Made her a lyric of a favourite song

She thought of men as beasts
But her parents never agreed
For they knew not what he’d done
She hid the parts that would bleed

She refused to need a saviour
Her lovely brother lost the fight
He wanted the man out of her life
But she still couldn’t see the light

She burned with humiliation
As her parents cried for her
She took it in the opposite way
Thought she’d broken their trust

She lied to her parents then
When they came back from school
As they interrogated her endlessly
She managed to keep her cool

She never told anyone
That she knew the cuts were wrong
She never explained what it meant
The faded lyric of her favourite song

She shudders as she remembers
That he never took the blame
For no one ever looked at her
Or she at her life, the same


a bright empty memo pad staring at me
the cursor mocking my wordless smiles
but my phone is polite enough to ask
a smile? dear lord what is the time

its 1 am, i reply sheepishly to my phone
not wanting to wake its ‘alarms’ on me
cos honestly? u stupid silly apps
i use my phone whenever i please

the stupid hangouts icon on my ipad
is not blinking with texts i await
and my lockscreen glares at me
it screams y r u even up so late?

its a guy i say avoiding their eyes
and their venomous stares upon me
i know i havent had a nice streak
but think of all the things we could be

like a heartbreaker and the heartbroken
my messaging app says in pain
how can u say that if u dont know him
an accusation too false for me to entertain

i have seen how his eyes are u know
and they speak to me of salvation
and his words might be mere words
but our story is our inspiration

for i know not if we will come unscathed
from this infatuation we call like
so all u nasty social applications
can go ahead and take a ‘hike’

because i am dreaming about him now
weather app, keep an eye on that rain
as i sigh and sink deeper into his arms
and try to end a life lived in vain

i can only tell him this, my dear mr. perfect
your words are striking me like a hurricane
and i know not yet if i will sink or drown
but i am past caring about the pain

just promise me when people app wakes
u will hug me close to that mighty chest
for when my friends open my wounds
i want you to do what u do best

kiss my lips, u ass but more importantly
hold me close as i lay my head on ur chest
and kiss me again, not with your lips
but with your words for they are the best


I tried to put back the pieces
That lay shattered on the floor
But a heart will never beat the same
Once you’ve tried to break its core

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