Poems to soothe the soul


August 2015


Think of something
A reason, an excuse
A sympathetic apology
Or even a heartfelt curse

A tiny glimpse of your heart
I want to see, want to know
What you got
Where you got it from
How long will it last
How soon can it leave

What IS there?
Inside that balled up fist
Under those lifelike tears
Between those beautiful eyes
And beneath that sky high ego

What will I find
When I solve the mystery
Behind the ever-present smirk
Or frown? Or smile? Or grin?
That sly arrogant nod
When you know you will win

All I saw when we fell apart
Was rage
Was it on me?
For all the lies you caught
Or the world?
To have given you this girl?
I saw nothing but empty fury
So scalding that it burned me
But you weren’t saying anything

I wish I could rewind
Try to remember
Whether you swallowed a tear
Or a threat
Behind those kiss-blowing lips
And above that up-in-the-air chin

All I remember was a love
So entwined to believe
That when it finally did end
It destroyed all in its wake
All I remember was a panic
That settled so close to my heart
That it crushed my burning lungs
And made decisions I regret

I want to be your heroine
Want to hear you call me
Call me on a rainy night
Call me your rainy night

Silence is torture
Distance is passion
You know I’ll never let go
Time is value
Love is fortune
They’re gold that doesn’t glow

Wish I took a step back
Knew what I thought
Thought what I did
Did what I felt
Felt what I should
Felt feeling good

Cos when I look back
There are no footsteps
That I left in the dark
All there is, however
Is an empty silence
That reminds me of you

I still wait for an answer
To the little stare games
The ritual we had
Touching our fingertips
And our noses

What WAS there?
Beneath the mundane
Against the world
Holding the balance
Before all the silence

Before it all fell apart
And crumbled into nothing
I still wonder about you
A puzzle I couldn’t solve

What IS there?
Inside that balled up fist
Under those lifelike tears
Between those beautiful eyes
And beneath that sky high ego

What will I find?
If I went searching for you
Like you were freedom itself
In all its glory
Or love? Or pain?
But then that’s the same

Even then
I still ask the world
What will I find?
Beneath all that pain
And all that hate

You know what I think
I think I’ll find love.



Your love was so great
That it was a lie
Your hate was so powerful
It ended your disguise
All the time you fought
I spent in loving back
Each time I was pushed down
I noticed a tiny crack
Till all of me burst into pieces
Like a molten glass statue
Like a meteor shower of burns
And an end to all things true
I watched as the silent disgrace
Of letting others down, got to me
I escaped silently into the night
Away from all the things I could feel


There is this place
Far from the scary oceans and deep seas.
Away from erupting volcanoes and quakes.
Nothing dangerous breeds there.
No lava, no floods, not even oblivion.
There is a place.
Where the eyes can’t reach.
But dreams can breach.
Where mind and soul are pure.
Where lies the start of a journey ahead.
And lies the end of life as we know it.
There is a place.
Where peace and love merge.
Where no hearts are broken.
And certainly none are taken for granted.
That is the place I wish to go to.
That is the place where I belong.
No sadness creeps in its way.
It holds no joy in worldly things.
It is a place for the Gods and beasts alike.
‘Tis the place we all wish to have.
So, I have to tell you this:
There is a place
Where no matter what, the sun shines
And the rainbow is an eternal sight
There, I will meet you one day.
First, to tell you I love you and then to tell you a lie.


I made love with you on a starry night that whispered of wonders yet to be tread on.
As the sky sang in its booming voice, all the lullabies that I was so afraid to let out.
And then the dawn came gushing and in a sweeping uproar I fell apart into nothing.
For then I realised that beauty lasts for so long, unless you give it meaning.


You should see me right now
Baggy eyed and swollen lipped
You should hear me right now
Broken heart and filthy ripped
After you see the lines on my cheek
And the ocean I call my eyes
With tears that are possession
Of grief beyond the lies
I think if you look closer
You might even see a smile
You’d say I look beautiful
But I know you think otherwise
With my rotten teeth
And my awkward body
Hands ready to clasp in need
Legs trembling mouth drooling
Sadness reeling me in
Nose running skin scalded
With a hope as old as god himself
I knew since day one
Love was not for them who cried help
So I beg in a failed attempt
To mask my disguise of insanity
And if you start wondering why
You’ll never get an answer to this
Everything beautiful has a wound
And nothing can change that
Even love fell to the ground once
When hearts broke and people died


Since when did I start breathing
Like my lungs were on fire
Since when did my lips taste
Like the words of a liar
Since when did my heart bleed
Like a victim to a quagmire
Since when did my skin scream
Like an asylum for desire


I hear my heart saying hello
But I hear you saying goodbye
Don’t leave no, not right now
Give me a chance just to try

I know it won’t work for us
We’re going to end pretty soon
And if you mock at me for that
It’ll be a tough time losing you

When ignorance troubled me
And the lies began to set in
I wondered where the love was
We’re walking on ice so thin

I waited with bated breath
As I saw you slipping away
Nothing done nothing said
No more words left to say

And I waved goodbye to you
Albeit with a tear in my eye
For when I saw you leaving
There was nothing but a sigh


May they be cursed oh Lord!
All those who lied to her
May they burn in Hell
Those who betrayed her trust
For she the lamb is pure
And the fleece her weapon
So don’t tempt her
Don’t put a bullet in her gun
Instead put a feather
And she’ll shine her light
Give you hope for today
And love for tonight
Don’t do her any wrong
And she’ll reward you well
For she’s a celestial saint
A godly miracle to marvel
With green eyes to wonder
And smooth skin to please
She’ll have you melt for her
Mistaking flesh for cheese
As she goes around the world
Saving every household
You wonder if she’ll ever stay
And your dinner goes cold
As you wait for her every morning
She’ll leave you alone they say
But their words fall on deaf ears
You see her again each day
Thinking it will last forever
You take her love for granted
And as soon as you turn away
She’ll start to feel unwanted
So curse you whoever loved her
And then dared to lose her
Because of you she’s a mess
Her emotions in a smother
Thinking she aint pretty
For she knows not what’s true
That you are who you are
Not what loves you


The sidelines fading away
The heartless buffoon pleads
Shouting screaming kicking
Begs I’m all that he needs
And as I frown at him
The rain pours down
Deepening the pain
Widening my frown
And. I ask him to let go
He pleads insanity
Shaking my soul
Lying for the beauty
Just for the sake of it
Hope you get the gist of this
How about a punch line
Or two? You know I never miss
As the boy cries wolf
I foolishly follow him
And as he breaks my heart
I watch him with a smirk
For the thirteenth time
The pig bellows loud
And his soul guardian, me
Shall have the boy found
For the quintessence
The sarcasm, the lying
Says I’m not the queen
Well I can be your king
This beat is sick
Don’t need it in my life
But pain is inevitable
And so Is strife
So I shall reign in terror
If not in peace
For I am vociferous
And not to be pleased
Come tell me we’re done
Say its okay and over
That you’re going
And leaving me forever
Cause I would be happy
Though brutally honest
But the cause to end
Is a reason nonetheless
So now your voice drops
You never could feel me
I’m glad that its over
At least now you see me

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