Poems to soothe the soul


July 2015


I hear a gasp
She’s aching to breathe out
But her tears won’t let her
She’s choking
Trying her best
Lest a sob betray her
So you don’t know she’s crying
Her smile is sad these days
She has been worn out
By the disgrace caused to her
The world has been unforgiving
And it scrutinised her
Scrutinised her good deeds
For when she did rise
Noone was left to see
And in her demise
Sorrow was her company



Maybe I should dream
Forget these hurdles
And dream about us
Remind ourselves that
This darkness will go
Like all that does
And we know it’ll leave
But we can’t see it
So it scares us
I almost saw recognition
A sense of familiarity
But you let on nothing
Unfathomable destruction
I reach my saturation
And before I start living
I’m pretty sure I will die
These collisions of destiny
These random fate calls
Won’t do no good now
But somehow meaning
Will find us on our course
Thro’ the seas to our kingdom
The sunrise is here
I almost plead you to stay
But I realise you will leave
Leaving me an aimless fool
Letting me go
As the canyon shoots
Like a rythmic beat
I slow down my breath
But I’m scared
Panic eats my lungs
I almost dared to dream
Who are you to judge?


When i had the chance to hope
I slept in an ocean of ignorance
And now that i’ve lost my way
I’m falling into my own decadence
As the world cried beware
I let my ghosts send them away
And no sooner had they turned
Than my courage began to sway
They crept up to my shadow
Slowly silently in the dead of the night
Till all my strength was spent screaming
And I cried as they shut down my light
As my dreams shattered into nothing
I saw your face bright and clear
As if nothing had ever happened
And you smile at my fear
I hear you calling out my name
You tell me not to be afraid
Reassure me I’m not alone here
That you still and have always cared
Tell me to be brave, not for him
But for myself, for my fears
I built a dream so picture perfect
That i lost my sight for barriers
And to this day i can feel him
His breath on my face and his smile
Some things you can never forget
Even if you’re a thousand miles…


Its dark once again
I greet the night
I’ve gone away for good
Far from the silences
The abysmal ignorance
The repenting past
And the mocking tomorrow

When I held you in my arms
I seemed to have the world
But you’re angry cos u lost
In such an insolent quagmire
Why am I so lonely?
Puffy eyes and sleep-deprived
No dreams only nightmares

I’m in chains I’m a monster
The nightmare is like any other
Me, the villain, the Destroyer
And all the Gods line up to curse me
My crime, they say, was to love
And they throw rocks at me sneering
But its not the rocks that hurt

They told me I was lucky
And that I should know my place
But I’m ever-filled with your touch
Your kiss still burns my lips
And when you cry for me
I can forgive you a thousand times
I can’t imagine life without you

So here I sit and envisage
I reproach the subject of us
But you just hold your breath
Enough silence to deafen me
What is my fault in this?
To ask to be loved?
Cynics you all are nothing more

Shutting you out was a mistake
Like falling for you wasn’t?
We don’t talk anymore
I’m on the edge of isolation
And if you could see me now
Six months after you left me
At the worst place anyone can be

You would finally understand
I never could love the light
So I fell in love with the dark
And as you refused to love me
I chose to love myself
And alone, in this kingdom I built
I shall be better than you’ll ever be


How silence can change your life
Words can never be so clear
As they meddle with feelings
You thought you’d never fear
When all your actions stick
It could break a thousand hearts
Or pretend like nothing happened
As awkward conversation starts
Do you know how I felt at all?
When I met you the first time
As we danced to our glory
Evidence of a perfect crime
You stole more hearts than mine
A real hero in a fake world
And I held you like He Himself
Were saying each word
The taste of rain on my lips
And a haunting smile on your face
That’s all I remember of that night
The rest was just a blurred haze
You had me captivated
I fell head over heels for you
As you smiled and we danced
I knew we’d be truer than true


A mighty gust
Of felt friendship
And blew the burns
To bails apart
For brave kinship
Knew hearts untold
Alone and cold
Roaming this earth
And the wish came
Like the dawn
But was incomplete
And fresh to hell
Bury me depth
Sin me health
And rush to base
Crush my lungs
Ease my panic
You my brethren
Shall reign me within


The men and the boys watch
As she makes heads turn
She’s walking with her eyes down
But you feel her beauty burn
Like a long-lost sun on its way
Behold! As your knees weaken
Feel the heat of her tongue
As you hear her speaking
She sounds like the night sky
Like the calm before the storm
A highway under the stars at midnight
The nostalgia does all the harm
You wish you could be more like her
But she wishes she could be like you
For she thinks beauty is her skin
And not her heart-pure and true
She lets boys prove her worth
Does not know what men can do
If she gave them a chance
Instead she lets in only a few
Those she does choose to confide
Break her soul, set her apart
And with her life in tragedy
She cries for her broken heart
But if truth be told,
She’s just an angel astray
She’s lost one of her wings
And Heaven’s a long way
For when the vicious liars
Try to blame her for their lies
No sooner than she knows better
She finds her worth in their eyes


You play with people’s hearts
Like you can’t live otherwise
If I stripped your soul bare
I know that’s all I’ll ever find
As you laugh your evil laugh
I catch a glimpse of sanity
But as soon as it comes
It’s pulled down by your gravity
Tears roll down my cheek
Feel the sorrow deep within
What do you call this darkness?
Misery? Mystery? Or sin?
I pledged to dream higher then
We both wanted more for us
And now that we’re apart
I know there’s no more trust
So I pack my belongings
Leave a letter in blood-red ink
I will never be coming back
Will be gone farther than you think


However you see me now
I brought on myself
And my death beckons me such
I’m so overwhelmed
For you hold no rejoice
When you taste my skin
Maybe coz u know
There can never be another
After the first time
My love is but non existent
Caged as it is
But loved as hell
Maybe even loved as her
For I think I see her
In your mind
When you’re with me
Pretending the fallacy
Backing up a dream
More like a nightmare
My chest constricts
The searing pain blows me
Head dizzy on all fours
I plead you to come back
Mentally not your body
For she’s taken you with her
And taken my hope too
I wish we were something
But this is my life
Wanting to be wanted
And that’s all I’ll ever be

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